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Who is Leiden Tech?

Leiden Tech is a one-man business based in, you guessed it – Leiden, The Netherlands. Run by a former Lucent Systems Administrator and a webdeveloper with extensive eZPublish experience and 30 years experience programming on all kinds of machines.

What can Leiden Tech do for you?

  • Web Development – primarily I've been working on eZPublish for the last 5 years, but if it's php I can do it.
  • Security review – vulnerability assessment, pen-testing. Want to know who can get on your network/server before they break in?
  • Linux conversion – do you want to convert a WAMP stack to a LAMP stack? Do you want to convert your office desktops to linux desktops? Burned by the cloud and want to move services back in-house? Contact me.
  • Custom eZPublish extensions. Need something custom? Contact me.
  • eZPublish upgrades – I have extensive experience upgrading from eZPublish 3.5 to the current level.
  • Systems Administration – whatever level – if you need a server built from the ground up and need full monitoring/troubleshooting or just someone to watch one day a month and proactively prevent problems, contact me.
  • Consulting – trying to get a website of the ground and don't know where to start? Need to change hosting? Set up your own multi-site mail server? Contact me.
  • Troubleshooting servers. Have a problem you can't figure out? Contact me.
  • Robotics – Oh, and if you want a robot, that can be arranged too – this is my hobby site: http://www.bolobot.com/bolobot

Why Leiden Tech?

If I can't do it, I probably know someone competent that does. Stress the competent. It's hard to find good people, especially if you aren't a Subject Matter Expert in the field that you are looking for someone. I have high standards so I tend to demand a certain level of competency of the people around me. I hope you do too.

I'm not going to bullshit you. For instance: I'm not a designer, I suck at design. I happen to think comic sans is a perfectly acceptable font in some cases and I couldn't tell you why to pick one font over the other. Beyond which is more readable I don't really care... I'm font-blind. For more reference, look at my hobby site: http://www.bolobot.com/bolobot. I'm not going to over promise either.


These are some of the projects I've worked on while working for Contactivity B.V. – and a short explanation of what I found interesting about it (note, I worked on much more than is listed on each site):

http://www.cta.int – multi-site, multi-lingual, multi-database ezpublish installation on one core.

http://www.ictupdate.cta.int – magazine format with issues.

http://www.hivos.nl – multi-site, multi-lingual single database ezpublish installation – helped write the community/profile functionality of the site. Wrote a custom search engine for ezfind.

http://www.hivos.net – wrote an open archive server for the site.

http://www.hivosklimaatfonds.nl – subsite for www.hivos.nl – I wrote an ideal payment gateway for the CO2 calculator on the site and did a lot of the backend of the calculator.

http://www.labforculture.org – helped write the community functionality for the site.

http://www.theaterinstituut.nl – wrote the theaterwebwizer, http://www.theaterinstituut.nl/theaterwebwijzer/list which is a searchable external database from an xml dump file.

http://www.politiekhoezo.nl – content is dynamic depending on the answers to questions on the homepage and location.

http://www.programvergelijking.nl – nice site heavily using javascript to deliver content which is based on related objects in eZPublish. Wrote this on a really tight deadline in time for the elections.

http://www.thebrokeronline.eu – ezflow site. Magazine site, persistent issue even throughout the archive. Author as object with corresponding profile. Developed trackback functionality.

eZPublish extensions I wrote:

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